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Natural Buckwheat husk-filled therapeutic pillow.

True comfort in bed!

• the Conforauly therapeutic pillow automatically adjusts to your posture changes during sleep, moulding to the shape of your body, keeping the head & spine in their natural position, and optimizing vertebral alignment. Its ergonomic curved shape harmonizes with the outline of the shoulders.

• it promotes maximum relaxation of tension during sleep sleep

• 23 in long X 12.5 in wide

Pillow fill is made from buckwheat husks, grown in Canada, the comfort it offers has earned its acclaim over all these years, and with good reason!

 • 100% natural and ecological padding

• combined suppleness and firmness which makes its comfort unique and remarkable

• offers circulation, maximum airflow, reducing sweating

• maintains a constant temperature, slightly cooler than the surrounding air

• rigorously hygienic, hypo-allergenic, selected and sterilized without the use of chemicals

• extra buckwheat is included, to adjust the thickness of the fill, if necessary

In addition to being equipped with a washable 100% cotton pillowcase, pillows have a zipper, giving you access to the padding…which makes your cushion adjustable. You can modify the firmness without hassle and thus adapt it to your needs.

Replacement 100% cotton pillowcases are available in two colour options: natural or blue.

Celine & Camil, a passionate artisan couple living in Quebec, have made Naturest Pillows since 1985 and are renowned for their quality.


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